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We have been working with PIXEL BOX Web for the past 12 years or so. During this time we had our website redesigned a couple of times by them. We were satisfied each and every time with the result that came up.

Marwan Al Dhayani

Senior Manager
GCC Storage

Not only did PIXEL BOX Web create a professional and aesthetic website for us, they also took the responsibility for generating the entire content for it.

K.B. Narayana

Narayana Yoga Studio

Facebook Websites

Facebook Websites products family includes all types of products PIXEL BOX Web has made specifically to be used as custom brand pages on world's biggest social network – Facebook. Facebook Websites are truly meant to become your ultimate tool in promoting your business on Facebook ......Read More

Mobile Websites

PIXEL BOX Web proudly presents its collection of Mobile Websites that are optimised for being displayed on handheld devices. They are just as beautiful as ordinary websites from us, it's just that their layout is vertically-oriented and the templates are very light-weight – all of that is a standard for a good Mobile Website. And since the Mobile Websites from us bring you more than just that consider this new product a new standard ......Read More

Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites from PIXEL BOX Web are fluid-width and adaptive websites that cater for any possible screen resolution. They automatically adjust their layout to the screen width of the device they are displayed on – whatever the width is. Responsive Websites are truly compatible with every single one of the countless handheld devices out there ......Read More